Soko Klima

— Design the city with plan

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Urban planning today influences the life and the climate of tomorrow.

Soko Klima encourages children and young people to get involved in the design of their future urban space, awakening in them the sensitivity for the environment and climate in relation to the city.Young people become competent actors involved in the planning process, where their proposals and criticism are considered, respected and implemented.

The result is an extensive collection of materials, summarized in a suitcase, which informs about the key issues for the young generation of city dwellers and invites them to participate. It is all about planning, climate, climate change and climate protection.

Client: Soko Klima (UfU, TU Berlin, Ifeu Heildelberg, ZEWK)

Supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety

In collaboration with: la loma GbR